Dawn Frasch
"The corpse, seen without God and outside of science, is the utmost of abjection. It is death infecting life. Abject"
"One does not know it, one does not desire it, one joys in it [on en jouit]. Violently and painfully. A passion"
-Julia Kristeva The Powers of Horror

"Every child has the spirit of creation. The rubbish of life often exterminates the spirit through plague and a souls own wretchedness."
"I paint a woman's big rounded buttocks so that I want to reach out and stroke the dimpled flesh."
-Peter Paul Rubens

“I know whenever it comes to be really dysfunctional and vile and base and hostile on screen, I'm good at that!”
-Werner Herzog

"magic and theater are about the creation of illusions, surprises. I like to reveal the way the illusions are made."
-Joan Jonas

"Television: A medium. So called because it's neither rare nor well done."
-Ernie Kovacs